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Ecosoft 5-stage Reverse osmosis system


There is a built-in reverse osmosis system (5 purification stages). It carries out water purification from all kinds of pollution.

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There is a built-in reverse osmosis system (5 purification stages). It carries out water purification from all kinds of pollution.


  • Complete cleaning. It removes up to 99.8% of all contaminants
  • Separate storage tank for treated water
  • Five water treatment stages


Ecosoft 5-stage water treatment system is a harmonious combination of complex mechanical filtration and purification by using the reverse osmosis technology.


Main features:

The installation consists of a three-stage pre-treatment assembly, reverse osmosis membranes and carbon postfilter.


For quick and uninterrupted supply of clean water the set of equipment includes a storage tank and cock mounted in a convenient for the owner place of the countertop. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the entire system can be easily placed inside the kitchen furniture. Features a semi-permeable membrane makes it possible to detain practically all unwanted impurities of any origin, resulting in the clean and pleasant to the taste water.


Principle of operation

Today’s realities are that quality of supplied water in many houses is far away from the modern European requirements. Only the analysis can give the correct answer to the question of the advisability of installing the reverse osmosis filter, which can effectively clean water even from microbiological contaminants. This filter system is composed of five functional modules operating in series:

  • Prefilter 1 is a porous polypropylene cartridge ;
  • Prefilter 2 is a cartridge of granular activated carbon;
  • Prefilter 3 is a cartridge of briquetted charcoal;
  • Reverse osmosis membrane;
  • Carbon postfilter.



As all reverse osmosis systems the Ecosoft filter requires a pre-treatment module, which allows to increase the life of the membrane. At this point the water passes successively three cartridges, required to remove the mechanical, organic and organochlorine contaminants.


Reverse osmosis

After three stages of pre-treatment, the water is sent to a reverse osmosis membrane mounted in a special housing in the form of a single line replaceable unit. At this stage filtration is carried out at the molecular level, allowing clean water to pass through the membrane element and contaminant molecules are detained and removed into the sewer pipe. As a result, 99% of the harmful impurities are removed from water, including bacteria and viruses. Membrane Manufacturer is the US DowChemical company.


Storage tank

The reverse osmosis technology in its purest form has one distinctive feature, i.e. the filtering process takes quite a long time, so installation includes the storage tank, the purpose of which as its name implies. As water is used for drinking and cooking, its volume (of 9 liters) is enough for the uninterrupted supply of the family consisting of several people. After water consumption the tank is immediately replenished.



Drinking water should be not only useful, but also pleasant to the taste, and not contain any foreign smell. This problem is successfully solved as a part of this system by using the postfilter based on the activated carbon from coconut shell. It receives water from the storage tank. Then, after passing through the postfiltering it is sent to the feeding cock. Installation of the five-stage water treatment system having trade mark Ecosoft allows us to enjoy the taste of pure and completely safe water every day.



During use, the system will require to replace cartridges the life thereof depends on the quality of source water and intensity of usage. The service life of cartridge replacement is as follows:

  • For pre-treatment modules the time is 3 months;
  • For reverse osmosis membrane the time is 1.5 years;
  • For carbon postfilter the time is 1 year.

Reverse osmosis system installation manual



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