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Enhanced replacement filter for Ecosoft Pitcher


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Cartridge No.5 of Ecosoft is specifically designed for use in pitcher filters. Cleaning is carried out in five stages, each of which has a separate part of the filter material in the cartridge.




The cartridge is designed for complex water filtering, including:


1. Removal of mechanical impurities, chlorine, organic matters and organochlorine;

2. Reducing the level of hardness;

3. Bactericidal protection;

4. Improvement of the organoleptic characteristics.


Principle of operation


The filtration process includes five stages:


Stage 1

At the beginning of the purification process the water is passed through a layer of activated carbon based on the coconut shell. Chlorine and organochlorine compounds are removed from the water. The composition of the material has a bactericidal component, which protects the filter and the purified water from the formation of microorganisms.


Stage 2

In the second filtering stage the water is passed through an ion exchange resin. The material contains sodium ions which displace calcium and magnesium salts, reducing the level of water hardness. This stage also removes water from iron compounds, heavy metals and radionuclides.


Stage 3

Then the water is purified using a sorption polymer material. The removal of aluminium, residual iron and organic compounds of natural origin takes place.


Stage 4

A layer of highly activated carbon with a porous structure is designed to remove organic substances, thereby improving the taste, color and odor of the treated water.


Stage 5

At the final filtration stage, the water is passed through a layer of polypropylene fibers, effectively retaining mechanical impurities and the particles of the filtering materials of previous stages.


Recommendations for installation and operation:


1. The quality of cleaning depends on the initial water condition and can vary during operation;

2. A cartridge is designed for cleaning the cold tap water only;

3. Do not exceed the specified use or service life of the cartridge;

4. If you are installing a new cartridge, the first two pitchers of purified water should be drained into the sewer.


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